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Speed Bag Training has been a core part of a boxers training regime for a long, long time,

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6 Week Boxing Fitness Challenge – 12Rnds Greenslopes

Congratulations to the 12 Rounds Fitness 11// Training Camp Winners, whose Body Transformation Results & Benchmark Stats have been announced over the last couple of days (see here and here)....

SpeedBag Stance : Square vs Boxing – Which is Best ?

Historically Baggers have primarily hit the SpeedBag using a "Square" Stance i.e. facing the bag straight on with feet equidistant to the bag. For some styles of SpeedBagging this is clearly a good...

Footwork Training for Boxers using Speed Bags

Speed Bag Training has been a part of traditional boxing training regimes for a long long time. However, “Footwork” is not normally cited as one of the benefits of Speed Bag Training. This is...