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We are PASSIONATE about getting fit and staying fit through Boxing Fotness & Boxer Training based Exercise Workouts…

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Boxing Fitness is ALL about being Fit and Healthy

through Boxer Training based Exercise Workouts 

Whatever your interest in Boxing Training….whether you are a newcomer to the sport (primarily interested in improving you fitness) or an experienced fighter, wanting to maintain your level of fitness (but tired of recovering from the bumps and bruises from the ring),  we hope this site will give you some insights, inspiration, entertainment, and perhaps even some education to enable you to get the most out of your Boxing Fitness.

We have gathered together here a variety of information and resources…. and have not been shy about sharing our own thoughts, opinions and insights into Boing Fitness & Training.

Feel free to use this site as a tool to help you better understand the world of Fitness Boxing..

“Getting Fit and maintaining that level of fitness with Boxer Training based exercises is a Safe and Healthy way to improve your well being. “