Brisbane Boxing Gyms & Fight Gyms

Boxing Gyms in Brisbane

Boxing & Fight Gyms

Brisbane is well served by a variety of different gyms
specialising in Boxing and Fight Training

There are many different gyms in Brisbane … most of these offer traditional training and exercise equipment and workouts… many offer some form of boxing fitness (although for most gyms this is fairly basic and limited) but some specialise in boxing and fight training exercises and workouts.

Boxing Fitness Gyms

Boxing Fitness Gyms like 12RNDS Fitness at Greenslopes specialise in boxing training exercises and techniques that are based on boxer training…. they focus on Cardio, Strength and Ability based workouts, and also include bagwork, but do not typically offer Spa Workouts or Actual Fights.

They are dedicated to Boxing Fitness  so do not typically have a boxing ring, or address defense training or the “psychology of the fight”.

If you want to Get Fit but don’t want to Get Hit
This type of boxing gym is what you need.

Fight Gyms

Fight Gyms like like Boxing Brisbane are dedicated to the full Boxer experience and as well as boxer style training and workouts typically include  a boxing ring, offer Spa Training and include defense and Boxing Psychology” as a part of their training process.

If you want to Get Fit and also Happy to Get Hit
This type of boxing gym is ideal for you.


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