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12RNDS Fitness @ Greenslopes is a part of the 12RNDS Fitness Franchise
(with over 80 Boxing Fitness Gyms Australia wide).


12RND Fitness workouts are designed to replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship boxing bout.  A “standard ” 12RND workout is made up of 12 x 3-minute “rounds” with 30 seconds rest between. Each workout is completed in under 45 minutes (the optimal duration for high-intensity training), and is designed to maintain a perfect balance between effort and results.

12RND training methods are designed to maximise fitness, strength and endurance by delivering a functional and highly varied strength program, progressing through sports-specific training cycles that are guaranteed to get you fighting fir.

You train just like a professional boxer without having to be one (and without getting hit)!

When you walk into 12RND Boxing at Greenslopes, you won’t find a boxing ring, and you won’t find members sparring with each other.⁠

Our unique boxing + strength workout incorporates 12 x 3 minute “rounds”. ⁠ 6 exercise stations (rounds) have boxing equipment and the other 6 have a mix of cardio, strength, resistance and functional training exercises.

Each round has 2 sets of exercises, that are explained on a video screen, so there is no confusion what to do, and you can get the technique.  The exercises on each round change daily so over the course of a week you will well and truly get a full body workout…⁠

When you’re on a boxing round, one of our expert coaches will take you through some 1-on-1 boxing padwork to help you develop your boxing skillset and work on your technique, but also get your heart pumping with some fast, fun boxing combinations.⁠

There is no need to book into a class, you can start your workout at whatever time is most convenient to you, or you can warm up first and jump in as soon as you’re ready, because there’s no class timetable… Just pick a round and get started!⁠

Ever wanted to try boxing, or love boxing but want something that gives you 1-on-1 time with no need to book ahead? It’s time to try 12RND.

12RNDS Fitness Greenslopes

Shop B1/700 Logan Rd, Greenslopes QLD 4120

Phone : 0477 024 774